Tube Monetization and Automation Review | Youtube Course 2021 Edition

Tube Monetization and Automation Program Reviews

Tube Monetization and Automation is a step by step program created by Jordan Mackey that help you to make money on YouTube.

There are many ways to make money with YouTube, and one of the best is through the YouTube Partner Program.

To be accepted into the YouTube Partner Program, your channel must have had at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months. Once approved for the program, channel owners can choose to have YouYube place ads on the channel before, during, and at the end of the game.

If a viewer watches at least thirty seconds of an ad or clicks on the ad, the advertiser will be charged. YouTube will then share the proceeds with the channel owner.

The YouTube Partner Program is one of the best ways to monetize your videos as income is purely passive. Once the video is uploaded, the video can continue to be viewed for years to come, and channel owners can continue to collect money from YouTube (Google) for years, all without lifting a finger.

There are channel owners who regularly collect six-monthly audits from the program.

However, like everything worthwhile, making money on YouTube is a must-have skill if you want to get the most out of your channel’s monetization.

It was then that Jordan Mackey and the Tube Monetization and Automationtraining in the tube came in to fill that void.

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Food for thought

There are a lot of people making money while they sleep, I mean YouTube money. Money from simple video uploads. Why not you?

You may be one of the countless people who do not believe that you can even make money remotely from YouTube, but creative but ordinary videos can legally make money for you.

What you didn’t know

Making money on YouTube is an art to learn before you can see it anywhere near the money tree. That’s right, and you’ll have to get to work before you are seen harvesting elemental gold. That’s where several YouTube proficiency courses are available. These learning aids are posted throughout the website, and they are intended to help all users comply with YouTube’s laws and terms of service and offer a few tips for how users can excel on regular YouTube channel owners.

In its place, it was Jordan Mackey ‘s Tube Monetization and Automation. Its central premise is that Tube Monetization and Automation will help you build a sustainable YouTube channel that will last through 2020.

Suppose you are a channel owner who was faced with disabling monetization or, worse, being removed. In that case, you’ll have to pay attention because Jordan Mackey offers you a solution with three case studies. Adopting these techniques will counter any trend against trial and error monetization.

As a result, all of your videos will be safe to monetize (in one or more of the 200 lucrative channels he includes), and the media themselves will be around for years to come.

Tube Monetization and Automation Program Review
Tube Monetization and Automation Program Review

Who Is Jordan Mackey and Why Should You Listen To Him?

Jordan Mackey has consistently made six figures of annual income from his monetization strategies in the Tube Monetization and Automation, and that number is on just three channels. He is the creator of three other courses that address YouTube monetization tips and strategies and has over 7,000 students and 4,000 Facebook team members sharing advice and information on acceptable practices to succeed and provide answers to those who have questions.

There have been many changes in the YouTube Partner Program regarding which types of videos are more beneficial than others, criteria for approval for channel monetization, and how to avoid monetization on your channel.

Tube Monetization and Automationhas been completely revamped to incorporate all of these changes. Tube Monetization and Automation will teach you everything you need to know about building a YouTube channel in 2020 and beyond. Everything out of date is gone and has been replaced with Jordan’s latest strategies to convert his tracks and demonstrate them in the future in the YouTube and Adsense guidelines and policies. These are not simple theories of what might work, and they have all endured testing and produced remarkable results.

You can learn how to build a personal branding channel, list channel, combo channel, or any channel of your choice without revealing your face or using your voice. Every one of those topics is covered very profoundly, and nothing is left out. There have been many changes in the YouTube Partner Program regarding which types of videos are more beneficial than others, criteria for approval for channel monetization, and how to avoid monetization on your channel.

You’ll show things step-by-step, from how to start your channel from scratch, speed up growth, monetize your channel to maximize profits, and scale them to the moon.

You’ll see tips for making your channel monetize fast, algorithmic tricks for growing your channel, optimal strategies for spreading, as well as pertinent ideas and research.

Tube Monetization and Automation also includes over six hours of content on YouTube affiliate marketing strategies with your channels: Including affiliate networks, high ticket offers, the optimal system for affiliate marketing on and beyond YouTube, and my in-depth know-how to get people to want to click on your link and buy what you advertise, and most importantly how to increase your income with affiliate marketing.

I have personally been a student of previous courses and will be a student of Tube Monetization and Automation simply because they work. The procedures performed well and exceeded all expectations. Jordan has lots of testimonials from former students who are all enamored of their results. 

A fork in the road

Yes, everything went well before YouTube raised some questions about the changes in the Partner Program. In short, people will favor some videos over others. The criteria for monetization approval will also vary.

Answer? Jordan Mackey overhauled its Tube Monetization and Automation program to include all the new administrative add-ons. This is what Jordan Mackey’s Tube Monetization and Automation deals with.

There’s a lot of information that has become outdated with these YouTube changes that an overhaul is necessary. As a result, future proven improved course modules work against AdSense guidelines and policies. Therefore, users should be comfortable because every growth hack included in Tube Monetization and Automation is up to date. Tube Monetization and Automation aims to help people build personal brands, list channels, channel combinations, or channels without revealing their face / using their voice.

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What’s In Tube Monetization and Automation?

There are 20 modules inTube Monetization and Automation

Module 1: Welcome and overview

Jordan will introduce himself and tell you a bit about his journey. He will also give you his email if you have any questions, and you’ll get access to our private Facebook group community! You’ll get information about how Tube Monetization and Automation works, as well as an overview of how this YouTube process works.

There’s a YouTube summary, as well as an overview of the four YouTube channel strategies Tube Monetization and Automation covers (personal branding, list channel, combo channel, and “no voice or face” channel).

Module 2: Choosing your perfect niche

This is an area where most people struggle, but this simple step-by-step recipe will end with you’ve chosen the right market. We’ll also dive into CPM (how much your channel gets paid per 1,000 views), and I’ll reveal the top-paying CPM niches.

Module 3: Youtube basics

I’ll show you how to set up your YouTube account and create your channel, and I’ll also guide you through the YouTube dashboard and YouTube analytics.

You will also guide how to create a Google Adsense account, which will hopefully act as your income portal in the future. This module  of Tube Monetization and Automation will be valuable to show you the strings in a very step-by-step manner. Even if you’re a YouTube veteran, you probably only know a few things you didn’t know before in this module!

Module 4: Passing monetization Review

To generate income on YouTube, you need to monetize your channel. This module is filled with monetization methods that no other program shows you.

It’s been used by thousands of students to make money, sometimes as fast as a week or two!

We will then show you many tips, tricks, and tricks to monetize your channel as quickly as possible.

Module 5: Instant monetization

You’ll learn a few different ways to monetize your channel right away and skip the review altogether! I have spent years researching to discover, and you won’t find it in any other program.

Module 6: Video topic research

You’ll have 40–60 video ideas picked up and ready to go at the end of this module.

After following our patented step-by-step keyword process, you’ll be flooded with almost unlimited video ideas and topics.

You will learn the process of keyword research and compile a massive list of the low-traffic, lowest-competitive keywords in your niche. Jordan will also show you personally a case study of a video posted that generated nearly $ 2,000 in three days on a brand new channel with just one video.

Module 7: Creating and editing your videos

This module will cover every single step of the video creation process, from searching for royalty-free movies, music, and pictures and the archives, music, and pictures you’ll use to the episode. Put them all together in one free and easy-to-use video editor.

You will also learn about some great software that allows you to create this entire video under five minutes.

You’ll have your video templates and scripts for both the listings channel and personal brand channel so you can systematize your videos.

Module 8: SEO secrets for truly going viral

SEO is a fundamental concept to understand and will significantly increase your video and channel’s likelihood of getting views and helping you rank on the front page of YouTube and Google. We will show you seven essential steps to make your video go viral. You will learn how to rank in search results and, more importantly, how to be recommended by YouTube.

We’ll cover titles, tags, and thumbnail studies, as well as learn the anatomy of what generates high click-throughs of thumbnails. Then I’ll show you exactly how you can create your cool thumbnails.

Module 9: Advanced Monetization Techniques

In this module, you will learn how to place ads on your videos (straightforward and only takes a few clicks.) You’ll learn about a secret channel translation strategy that almost every YouTube channel ignores, and I will reveal my secret that I used to increase my income TIMES the amount someone else could get. This secret right here is the one I discovered that changed my life, so you won’t want to miss it!

Module 10: My three niche case studies

In this module, I will unscrew the entire curtain and show you the exact three niches that I used to succeed on YouTube. It includes the identical channels I take my videos from, the tags, titles, and thumbnails I use for success, and the research process I use for my gutters.

It’s a unique, in-depth, and thought-provoking module that is much deeper than what you’ll find in any other program.

Module 11: Outsourcing and automation

Here, we’ll introduce you to the many ways you can outsource any part of the process for cheap. See how you can outsource any aspect of the process and create your automation assembly, line group.

You earn all of the revenue while others work for you.

Module 12: Affiliate marketing on youtube program introduction

Did you know that your video affiliate marketing can be even more profitable than Adsense?

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you can start earning money with your channel on day one!

No need to consider earning money and not worry about Adsense policy guidelines!

You get a full overview of using affiliate marketing with YouTube, learn how you can leverage affiliate marketing on whatever channel and the niche you have. You will learn channel-building strategies with the sole goal of affiliate marketing products and identify many high tickets offers that you can promote. We’ll also be looking at many case studies of six- and seven-digit channels with affiliate marketing on YouTube!

Module 13: Affiliate marketing networks

We’ll discuss everything you need to know about how to join these networks for free, how accepted by these networks, and most importantly, how to find hundreds of products for absolutely any and every niche.

Module 14: Affiliate marketing strategies

We’ll go into the various strategies you can follow to make money on YouTube with Affiliate Marketing. We’ll discuss methods for ranking videos on YouTube and leverage them to target particular niches and choose the perfect places for affiliate marketing. You will learn how to use and create product review videos and find lots of case studies on relevant and high-priced products.

Module 15: Affiliate marketing with your channel

We’ll cover some of the precious resources you need to create your affiliate marketing video. Things like link shorteners and where to place your links for the maximum number of clicks and conversions. You’ll see how to put a compelling call-to-action on your videos, create landing pages and email marketing. I’ll give you my secret for getting people to want to click on your link and buy the products you advertise.

Module 16: High ticket offers

Why would you want to advertise a $ 100 product when, in the same effort, you could promote a $ 1,000 product? In this module, I’ll give you a massive list of high ticket deals in tons of different niches, as well as monthly recurring commissions that will continue to pay you monthly for just one sale.

Module 17: Non-youtube affiliate marketing strategies

We’ll provide other strategies you can use to earn revenue with affiliate marketing outside of YouTube. Things like affiliate marketing on Facebook and using Facebook Ads, Instagram, and even how you can get paid with sponsorships!

Module 18: Affiliate marketing mindset

You will learn ethical considerations to keep in mind when it comes to affiliate marketing to ensure your viewers continue to trust you as you endorse products in the future.

Module 19: Helpful affiliate marketing resources

There are affiliate marketing resources that will help you create some excellent affiliate marketing videos and offer products. You will know what resources you must have and which ones you don’t need.

Module 20: Conclusion

Now you have all the knowledge and information you need to be a massive success on YouTube. Now you need to take action. If you do nothing at this point, nothing will improve your life. Remember, imperfect action ALWAYS beats perfect activity.

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How Much Does Tube Monetization and Automation Cost?

With Tube Monetization and Automation, you’ll get twenty value-packed videos that contain all the information you need to become a YouTube master and generate long-term, sustainable full-time income. Besides, Jordan has provided his vast bonus package, and I have also created a large bonus package when you buy Tube Monetization and Automation through my link.

You get all of Tube Monetization and Automation for a one-time cost of $ 397 for a particular program for a limited launch time.

Jordan’s Bonus Bundle:

  • 20 hours of live Q&A mastermind replays ($497 value)

I have done with my members the question and answer format webinars. These are members just like you who went through the show and questioned me directly and became part of the discussion.

  • Personal Branding Program ($397 value)

In Tube Monetization and Automation, I will lift the curtain and reveal all the secrets I used to earn over six figures with my branding. I’ll show you all I’ve learned about the psychology of sales and branding courses.

  • Shopify Dropshipping Program ($397 value)

Tube Monetization and Automation Program is longer than 5 hours and includes over 30 videos in 12 packed modules. Tube Monetization and Automation contains step-by-step instructions on building your store, generating pertinent ideas and research, creating custom URL domains, store logos, important pages like privacy policies, and terms of use: usage, shopping cart page, and checkout page.

  • The amazing Facebook group (priceless)

No other group has the interactive or welcoming community we have. Tube Monetization and Automation creates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere to ask questions, post successes, and difficulties or say hello! We have experts, including YouTube experts, monetization specialists, affiliate marketing specialists, website builders, advertising specialists, software builders, video creators, everything!

  • 200+ list of profitable niches ($297 value)

Add to that are blank video script templates, personal branding, and channel script listings.

Jordan Mackey’s YouTube Program – Tube Monetization and Automation dissected

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“How does the course do that?” You may be wondering. Below are details of Jordan Mackey’s improvement program. Yes, he made significant changes to the old course to include the new one:

  • Use algorithms to grow your channel
  • The strategies are checked for time to propagate.
  • The appropriate idea based on research
  • Affiliate marketing tactics on YouTube with affiliate networks
  • High ticket incentives
  • Affiliate marketing on and off YouTube
  • The secret to getting people to click on your link
  • The high-impact 5-10 minute process he uses to identify high-volume but low-competitive keywords (including CPM-based keywords could mean double potential earnings) )
  • The process of creating a topic idea for your video (you will write 50 more points)
  • Video analytics supported by a case study generated $ 2000 results in less than three days.
  • The subtitle strategy ensures to rank your video in a process lasting just 10 minutes but raking in thousands of dollars with every type of YouTube channel to which it applies.

Tube Monetization and Automation will be a library of step-by-step instructional information. You will come:

  • Start your channel from scratch
  • Accelerate their periodic development
  • Monetize your channels to an unprecedented profit margin
  • Extend these channels to infinity.
  • These growth strategies and strategies are backed by careful research that helped Jordan Mackey generate six figures in his YouTube business.
  • With a glimpse of his exact niches and the three channels he used to build his currency foundation, Jordan Mackey offers a blueprint that users can adopt and become successful in a similar way.

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