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Piano For All Reviews

In case you’re on the lookout for an online piano technique, you’ve probably gone over Piano For All. 

With more than 250,000 understudies, Piano For All is a famous online piano course that utilizes a harmony based, “play first, pose inquiries later” approach that makes you sound like an expert immediately. 

Maker Robin Hall says that his digital book course will instruct you to “improvise, ad lib, make creations, and afterward in the long run read piano sheet music,” with each “scaled down” exercise intended to move you starting with one aptitude then onto the next in a brief timeframe in a sensible way.

Things being what they are, how does Piano For All work? Would it be able to satisfy its cases? Continue perusing – I’ll cover all you require to know to choose whether or not Piano For All is the course for you. 

What will you need?

“Piano For All” is very adaptable as far as what you’ll have to utilize the course, yet a piano or console is non-debatable. 

It’s vastly improved to get a 61-key console and begin rehearsing than not to have a console by any means. 

Notwithstanding, I’d at present prescribe moving up to an 88-key automatic piano with completely weighted keys at the earliest opportunity in case you’re not kidding about learning the piano.

Most 61-key consoles are unweighted or semi-weighted, which implies they feel a lot lighter and altogether different from an acoustic piano console. 

Automatic pianos, then again, for the most part, have 88 sledge activity keys that attempt to repeat the vibe of an acoustic piano as intently as could reasonably be expected, which creates appropriate finger strength and strategy. 

As far as tech, you have the alternative of downloading the digital books onto your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, or Android. 

In case you’re utilizing a Mac or PC, you’ll need to have Adobe Reader, and Flash Player introduced to watch the recordings and hear the sound bites implanted in the digital books. 

For an iPhone or iPad, you’ll need the Readdle Documents application. 

An Android gadget requires the EZPDF Reader Lite app, which costs one dollar (USD) sadly. 

The Piano For All site has nitty gritty directions and connections for the downloads, just as an intensive investigating segment for when the set-up isn’t going smoothly.

The author of Piano For All – Giselle Sproule 

Giselle has been playing the piano for almost her entire life. She has her evaluation of ten piano endorsement from the Royal Conservatory of Music and four-year college education in English. 

Giselle has filled in as a piano instructor. However, she is, as of now an independent essayist and supervisor. You can, as a rule, discover her at home in Calgary or on a movement experience with her mandolin.

What’s Included In The Piano For All

With your one-time acquisition of the course, you’ll get: 

Nine digital books in addition to one reward book – These complete digital books take you through different styles of piano music with harmonies, tunes, and activities, showing you barely enough hypothesis for every exercise. I’ll broadly expound on each book beneath. 

Two hundred video exercises – Embedded in the digital book itself, these recordings strengthen abilities with clarified console exhibitions by Robin Hall. 

He plays the exercise on a lower console while a vivified console above shows you which notes he is playing, clarifying which notes you should play, what your hands ought to resemble, and how it should sound. 

Five hundred sound tunes and activities: These are adjacent to each exercise to show you rapidly what it should seem like. Hear-able students enormously will profit by hearing each workout before endeavouring it. 


Piano For All Review
Piano For All Review

The Curriculum of Piano For All

Every digital book covers an alternate part of piano playing and expands on each other, so you are trying the aptitudes you’ve learned. 

Aside from Book Nine, which can be utilized whenever you should peruse the books altogether.


The principal book is a prologue to both the program and the console. 

It starts by expressing the essential guideline of Piano For All – that it’s critical to establish a framework of harmonies and rhythms before building comedy, song creation, and sight-perusing aptitudes past that. 

It acquaints you with the notes on the console and afterwards bounces promptly into playing some essential three-note harmonies, advised you that like learning guitar, it’s more critical to play than to stress over the hypothesis at this beginning phase. 

Book One of Piano For All additionally presents melodic documentation, including rests and essential cadence. 

While most conventional educational programs spend some time on note-naming and cadence works out, this segment rushes. You’ll probably have to continue returning to it to figure out later activities. 

The remainder of the book advances by showing you a group of harmonies and presenting a musicality related to mainstream music, which you can use with the songs to play a tune. 

You’ll learn ten rhythms and eleven essential harmonies in Book One. 

The harmonies are educated with the suspicion that you will peruse harmony images in songbooks, similar to guitar players do. In this way, it shows you what to play when you experience seventh harmony or slice harmony images. 

Before the finish of the book, you should have the option to play the harmonies and rhythms of a few famous tunes while you and additionally a companion sing the song. 

You ought to likewise have the option to play the short and beautiful “Stunning Broken Chord Ballad.” 


Book Two expands on your insight by encouraging you blues rhythms to use with the harmonies, you know. 

The primary idea that it stresses is that you should rehearse left-hand rhythms substantially more than the right hand until you can play them in your rest. 

This book is briefly contrasted with the first, however it still instructors five blues rhythms and how to play a twelve-bar blues in any key. 


Book Three is hefty. It shows you the harmonies of every key, including their reversals. 

Fortunately, it additionally gives you an “all harmonies memory stunt” that makes the data dump simpler to deal with, notwithstanding many practice movements to get the hang of the new material. 

You’ll additionally experience the “pattern of fifths” (commonly called the “hover of fifths”), an idea intended to urge you to rehearse the entirety of the keys, show you the connection among them, and assist you with understanding the overall structure of music. 


This book keeps on showing you how to play harmonies from harmony images found in songbooks, beginning with an “enchantment recipe” for faking a couple of further developed proportions. 

A Barry Manilow-roused piece called “Manilow Mood” will make them learn new melodic gadgets before you endeavour to compose a Manilow-style creation of your own. 

Decreased harmonies and group harmonies come straightaway, with a ton of training movements. 

The book ends on a good note with an exercise on Beatles styling and an extensive rundown of Beatles melodies, which you can play with the rhythms and harmonies you know. 


Book Five methodologies anthem style playing by presenting a bit by bit strategy for making your number style melodies. 

The cycle energizes experimentation with left-hand harmony designs and the generous pentatonic scale. 

This book is tied in with figuring out how to ad-lib, giving thoughts for the tune, left-hand example, and harmony movements. 

You’ll at that point figure out how to apply the ditty cycle to melodies you know by building “Days of yore” from the base up. 

Remembered for this book is the sheet music for many lovely numbers, which you’ll probably appreciate playing. 

Since this is the introductory book to show you song top to bottom, these are the main full-length pieces in the course that can genuinely remain all alone as solo piano pieces. 

The songlines for some, special Christmas hymns are additionally given, yet you’ll need to rehearse your abilities by adding the left hand yourself. 


This segment of the course is content-weighty. However, you’ll come out with an incredible jazz and blues establishment. 

It begins by showing you how to get a “soul-filled” sound utilizing the blues scale, blues harmonies, and different stunts, before proceeding onward to jazz. 

As opposed to figuring out how to peruse complex jazz rhythms, you’re urged to get familiar with the rhythms by tuning in to and duplicating the brief snippets. 

Book Six strolls you through jazz in four unmistakable keys, gives you bunches of tips and deceives for jazz extemporization, and presents many calm practice movements. 

You’ll gain proficiency with about quartal concordance before wrapping up with a far-reaching exercise in seventh harmonies.


Book Seven expands on Book Two by adding your high-level harmony information and fun new right-hand harmony riffs to the blues rhythms that you learned. 

You’ll additionally find out about blues gadgets, for example, tremolo, slides, and turnarounds. 

The second piece of this book shows you step piano—both phoney and genuine, the distinction is the length of the “step” your hand is taking. 

You will apply your insight with “the tune you’ve been sitting tight for” – “The Entertainer” finishing the part on a high note (quip expected)! 


Since this part to a great extent depends on sheet music, starting with a recap of melodic documentation and a short exercise on key marks, new images, and musical language. It likewise gives you a helpful rundown of training tips. 

Lobby instructs you to locate read music “the Pianoforall way,” which means keeping an eye out for natural harmonies and themes, and that the notes that are sharp or level because of the critical mark are given in red for simple spotting. 

You’ll, at that point get into playing traditional piano pieces, including enormous names like Beethoven, Bach, and Chopin. 

On the off chance that you have an objective of playing more pieces from sheet music after the Piano For All course, I suggest investing a lot of energy in this segment, rehearsing your abilities in understanding music, accelerating, and tone. 


The corridor was sharp with the name of this book, which is about scales, sets of three, and arpeggios, otherwise known as the “vegetables” of rehearsing the piano. 

If my piano instructor had alluded to this zone as “speed learning,” I maybe would have been more anxious to plunk down and do it. 

Notwithstanding, as the book states (and as I can bear witness to), joining these components into your ordinary practice is an effective method to improve your playing. 

While this is the ninth book in the course, it contains practice “exercise” schedules, and memory deceives that should be utilized from the earliest starting point. 

This segment of the course will promote your comprehension of crucial marks, groups of three, seventh harmonies, and musical examples, which are most helpful for the exercises in different books. 


This short digital book isn’t connected straightforwardly to a piano. However, it contains tips on innovativeness, centre, and fusing care into your day by day standard, all practices which help learn an instrument. 

How Do You Use Piano For All? 

One reason I like suggesting this Piano For All course is that it’s so natural to utilize. 

You download the material on to your PC or other gadget and read through the exercises. 

Inside the exercises, there are video and useful clarifications. Just watch and tune in as they are incorporated into the digital books. 

You don’t need to be online to utilize the material. You download it once or request the information on DVD. It deals with all the significant gadgets, for example, iPhones, iPods, PCs, and Android programs. The guidelines are necessary.

Pros and Cons of Piano For All

Presently we should summarize a portion of the upsides and downsides of the “Piano For All” educating course. 


  • Visual and hear-able exercises. Dissimilar to good digital books and printed educational plans, Piano For All furnishes you with visual and hear-able approaches to become familiar with the substance, which is particularly useful for apprentices who aren’t yet open to understanding music. 
  • Having the recordings and sound bites installed in the digital books makes it excessively simple to get to this substance when you need it. 
  • Bounces directly into playing. You’ll feel like you’re gaining ground from the principal meeting. 
  • Uses notable tunes. In addition to the fact that this makes it simpler to improvise, you’ll appreciate having the option to play songs that you perceive. 
  • Advances musicality. Improvising, ad-libbing, and making tunes are generally disregarded in piano techniques for fledgelings. 
  • Piano For All shows these aptitudes ultimately, giving you a strong base of musicality and guaranteeing that you’ll generally have something to play. 
  • Makes you utilize your left hand more than conventional piano educational plans. 
  • Similar to the case for some piano players who adopt the conventional strategy, I was acquainted with zeroing in on the correct hand. As my pieces got more mind-boggling, I needed to dedicate a great deal of time to rehearsing the left-hand parts alone. 
  • Since Piano For All urges you to rehearse more with the left hand than the right, understudies of this program will be more outlandish have an “apathetic” left hand. 
  • Data is spread out obviously and straightforward. While somewhat straight contrasted with a printed educational program like Faber’s Piano Adventures, these digital books are efficient and outwardly perfect. 


  • Little spotlight on the procedure. Conventional piano instructors help their understudies to remember their hand position, pose, and their wrist, finger, and body developments. 
  • While the absence of this educating is a conspicuous downside of online piano courses when all is said in done, Piano For All specifically doesn’t address it. 
  • I suggest enhancing the course with exercises (YouTube checks) that show act and different strategies. 
  • Tries not to understand music. Indeed, even in the books that depend all the more intensely on sheet music, the names of the notes are generally given, and once in a while, you’re given the alternative to extemporize. 
  • Along these lines, even though one of the objectives of the course is to show you how to understand music, it is anything but difficult to come out with a not precisely heavenly handle of this expertise. 
  • Leaves out numerous piano documentation images and terms. While the measure of words and pictures this educational plan covers is sufficient for the individuals who need to extemporize, improvise, or play essential sheet music, understudies needing to go past may end up astounded by obscure markings. 
  • In case you’re one such understudy, Hall suggests enhancing his course with material that shows the terms and images of music documentation. 

Is Piano For All PDF Free Download?

“Pianoforall PDF Free Download” is a scam. The complete piano program is consist of 9 interactive ebooks, 200 video lessons & 500 embedded audios. It is sold online at the official website with the price $37.

Who is Piano For All best for? 

According to Piano For All Review, Piano For All is intended for fledgelings. If you have never played the piano, this course is for you. Yet, since the training style in this course is a great deal not quite the same as traditional piano instruction programs, it might likewise be helpful for the individuals who have an old-style piano foundation. 

You will get familiar with a ton of new things from this piano course – particularly extemporizing and improvising. 

Piano For All will gab about jazz, rock n roll, and blues, just as different classes of music too. Thus, in case you’re keen on these kinds, this course is for you. Nonetheless, if you need to study traditional music, you might need to think about different classes. 

Of course, the eighth book discusses traditional pieces. However, that is only a hint of something larger. On the off chance that you genuinely need to zero in on this sort, you will require an alternate module or instructor. 

While the technique is impressive, Pianoforall’s training style is adjusted from different courses for grown-up students. This implies that this technique is attempted and tried! 

The contrast among children and grown-ups is that the last is more resolved to learn. They won’t appreciate figuring out how to play kids’ melodies and songs, and the course gets that. That is the reason Piano For All is intended to make you play famous tunes immediately. 

Along these lines, no, don’t anticipate playing the Alphabet Song or other nursery rhymes in this course. With Piano For All, you are ensured to play melodies you will appreciate.

Piano For All is equipped to finish novices. Notwithstanding, its way of instructing is so unique about most customary piano projects that even the individuals who have some essential traditional piano information may think that it helps figure out how to improvise always. 

Given Pianoforall’s accentuation on blues, jazz, rock n roll, and different styles of mainstream music, it’s protected to state that this course isn’t intended for those whose essential objective is to play traditional music all things being equal. 

While Book Eight instructs understudies to locate read some short, traditional pieces, this course will give you an establishment on which to build your insight into playing traditionally as opposed to showing you itself. 

Even though the substance is unique, Pianoforall’s head-first, make a plunge way to deal with playing the piano is one that is typically found in courses for grown-up students, for example, Faber’s Adult Piano Adventures arrangement. 

Piano For All Review : Final Thoughts

Piano For All is the best complete piano course online formated in PDF / eBooks file + Video DVD & Audios. It is specially designed to take complete beginners to an intermediate level faster than any other method. You can start with the popular rhythmic piano style (think artists like Lennon & McCartney, Elton John, Billy Joel, Barry Manilow, Lionel Richie, etc.), meaning you can sound like a professional from the start.

Piano For All makes enormous guarantees; however, for the persuaded understudy, it could conceivably have the option to convey. However long you comprehend what the course will and won’t show you, Piano For All can help you arrive at your piano objectives. 

This course doesn’t plan understudies for cutting edge old-style music. However, you will come out with numerous aptitudes that help play in groups, taking solicitations, and taking a seat at the piano and having the option to play. 

Furthermore, your aptitudes will give you an incredible establishment for investigating the sorts of music that you need to play. 

The benefit of getting harmonies, movements, keys, and the structure of music can’t be downplayed for any style of music. 

Corridor compares his course to learning the letter set with the goal that you can compose whatever sentences you need. It’s an able similarity. 

Piano For All genuinely develops your abilities from the base, giving you the structure blocks vital not exclusively to play others’ music, yet additionally to play your own. 

It’s a unique methodology that frequently wants to make some strategic mistakes – however, it works. 


Piano For All PDF Free Download