Old School New Body Review | 5 Steps To Looking 10 Years Younger By Steve & Becky Holman

What is Old School New Body

Simply put, Old School New Body is the ‘resistance training’ method with moderate weight, high resistance to fatigue combined with some straightforward nutritional secrets. Exercises are designed to:

  • Build muscle
  • Fat burning
  • Strengthen your joints
  • Increase your body’s production of Growth Hormone
  • Slow down the ageing process and reshape your body
  • Maintain healthy and healthy muscles and joints

You work by using just the right amount of weights and following some particular rules. These are based on the old school ‘star coach’ methodology Vince Gironda. In Old School New Body, these principles have been compiled into the ‘F4X protocol’.

Since the F4X system uses moderate weight to reduce joint tension and intense muscle fatigue, it is an excellent system for people over 40 (and even over 60) for muscle maintenance and healthy joints.cc

Yes, the program is resistance training. That means you will use weights, be it barbells, dumbbells or body weight.

While the Old School New Body e-book teaches you the basics of training without weights, you’ll likely end up wanting to invest in an adjustable weight set.

I use kettlebells (because I already own one) and they work well too. In the end, it’s more about principles than the kind of weight you use.

At this point, many women are probably ready to press the back button. They fear that weight training will make them look like one of those full-fledged female bodybuilders. If you’re concerned about this, check out Becky’s before and after photos on the back page to see what happens when women start lifting weights.


Who are Steve and Becky Holman

Becky Holman started using the F4X method at the age of forties, after becoming fed up with his overweight appearance. It only took her a few months to completely transform her body.

The F4X Protocol

Old School New Body stands for ‘Focus-4 Practice’ protocol. As mentioned above, the system uses moderate force to resist and focus on high muscle fatigue for intensity.

When you go to any gym, you’ll find that most people out there can be divided into one of two categories:

  • People who are using a weight that is too light and resting for too long between sets. They only get a fraction of the results they would get if they gained both poundage and intensity.
  • People who use too much weight and are at risk of long-term injury and permanent joint damage. Consuming bone-smashing fruits not only puts the strain on your body. It can also damage your immune system. That is because excess stress hormone (cortisol) is produced during heavy exercise.

Yes, you do need to put in the effort during your workout, but it should be cumulative. This means, for maximum results and minimal risk, you should rely on the degree of muscle fatigue, not the pounding of the joint.

This is where the Old School New Body F4X system comes in. This system causes cumulative muscle fatigue by combining a long ‘stress time’ (TUT) with a short rest between sets. Sound complicated? Actually, it is straightforward. Here’s how it works.

The F4X Workouts

During Old School New Body F4X practice, you will do four sets per exercise and ten reps per set.

Start by choosing a weight that you can achieve 15 reps.

Instead of doing 15 repetitions, you do just ten repetitions.

For each delegate, you use positive 1 second and negative 3 seconds (how this works is explained in detail in the ebook).

Rest 35 seconds

Repeat this for the specified number of sets

In the last episode, you did your best until you couldn’t get another rep.

Old School New Body is the cause of the accumulated muscle fatigue mentioned above. The first few noses should feel pretty straightforward. However, as you continue, you will notice fatigue appear in the targeted muscles. These sets will eventually cause you to struggle. Your muscles will hurt from lactic acid, and your breathing will be faster (cardiovascular effects)

The F4X exercises train both myofibrils and sarcoplasm (the two main building blocks of your muscle fibres) to build muscle and burn fat.

Old School New Body is also one of the best ways to increase your body’s natural Growth Hormone production (see more later).

The F4X Lean Workout

The ‘Lean’ workout is a light introduction to the Old School New Body F4X method. It is designed to remove excess fat, build some toned muscles and get you familiar with this type of endurance training.

The Lean F4X Workout is intended to be repeated three times per week and takes less than 30 minutes to complete. It includes only four simple exercises. You start doing these two sets of exercises, each set of 10 repetitions, following the rules of the F4X protocol. After you get used to the workout, slowly increase the number of clusters.

I love this workout! That’s all you need to stay in shape and maintain healthy muscles and joints.

It is all about the structure of the exercise! I often use workout other than those mentioned in the ebook (although they work great), but I follow the Old School New Body F4X protocol.

That’s the great thing about this system! Once you understand the principles, you can easily apply them to any other resistance training you do.

The F4X Shape workouts

You can get great results by just doing the ‘Lean’ workout three times a week. However, if you want to maximum body conversion as quickly as possible, then the Old School New Body F4X Shape exercise is where you need it.

Like F4X Lean, F4X Shape also includes three exercises per week. Shape exercises are more protracted, contain more workouts and are more intense than lean activities. You will also target different muscle groups for each activity.

The F4X Full-Range Build workouts

These are the advanced exercises. They’re based on the Position of Flexion, a program Steve developed with the help of university researchers that took his physique to new heights.

If you want to have a healthy, lean and toned body, then Lean and Shape exercises are all you need. If you want to build some solemn muscle mass, you should include Building exercises in your workout regimen.

Cons and Pros


  • The exercises can be described more clearly. Add a photo or link to a video.
  • The interviews are entirely unrelated
  • The final reports are great, but they are not of great value
  • Additional information is medium
  • The anti-ageing claim is a general result of muscle building/toning, I don’t think they should use it like such an obvious one, but it’s a good marketing


  • The training plan is first. Very fast and efficient ~ 30 minutes for LEAN ~ 45 minutes for SHAPE ~ 60 minutes for BUILD
  • You can achieve and keep some good results with just four exercises, indefinitely!
  • Suitable for the young and not too young! Men and women! Easily on your joints, no joint pain.
  • The nutrition plan presented in the Old School New Body is solid, well presented, and suitable for everyone. – Though I got better results with Dr Groves Intermittent Fasting and Diets
  • Interviews and Reports are not of great value, but they are free 100% money-back guarantee – I doubt you’ll need it, but great to have

Why Resistance Training

If you’ve read this far, you might be wondering why Old School New Body focuses so much on resistance training. Here are some of the most important reasons

Resistance training:

But shouldn’t you do cardio to burn those calories? Well, the truth is that the HIIT exercises you learn in Old School New Body do give you a cardio workout too. The intensity of the activities is high enough to keep your heart rate rising and your blood pumping, even during short breaks between sets.

That being said, if you only do lean exercise, Steve recommends doing some cardio exercises on holidays like static cycling (or my favourite rope skipping) if you want to drop off maximum fat.

What about diet

Nutrition in Old School New Body is minimal. It depends on eating multiple main meals and protein-based snacks during the day and includes some good carbs in most of them.

Although the ebook contains the daily diets used by Steve, Becky and John Rowley (co-creator of Old School New Body ), it doesn’t go into specific recipes. It is not necessary.

The power of the diet tips is that they are simple. Stop eating junk food (such as refined carbs and processed foods) that include healthy sources of protein (chicken, lean beef, fish) and eat more whole / real foods like vegetables and fruits and nuts.

Suppose you are looking for specific fat burning recipes that follow the guidelines mentioned above. In that case, you’d better choose a product specifically geared towards slimming, like ‘Metabolic Cooking‘ or ‘Fat Burning Kitchen‘. However, the simple nutritional guidelines in Old School New Body are easy to apply, and they work!

The reward is that you get a ‘Paleo Sweets‘ ebook containing lots of free recipes for cakes, cookies, ice cream, muffins and more.

What about cheating days? It’s correct! They are allowed. Steve and Becky say (and I agree) that too restrictive diet makes you rebellious and give up sooner or later. That is why they set aside a 24-hour period a week to loosen up their diet. They call it ‘Victory Day’.

A weekly cheat day will also “shock” your system, boosting your metabolism back to high.

Old School New Body For people over 40

The fact that the Old School New Body F4X does intense workouts due to muscle fatigue with moderate use of weights makes them an excellent choice for those over the age of 40. Mostly if you haven’t done any exercise in a while, the program gives your muscles the training they need to maintain their strength and mass, while minimizing the risk of damaging your joints.

As a “person over 40 years old”, I can safely claim that resistance training has had a considerable impact on how I look and feel.

Joint Stress

Following the Old School New Body F4X principles also strengthened my joints. At 22, my knee is paralyzed from jumping too much (basketball and taekwondo). I spent months with my knees bandaged, and whenever I put too much pressure on them, like dancing, the pain was too intense.

Thanks to the slow, controlled resistance training (as a thought in Old School New Body ), I have significantly strengthened my knees. I won’t play basketball or practice flying kicks anymore, but at least I can dance without my knees getting tired.

I am a person who firmly believes in the principle of “use it or lose it”. I think you have to stay active and keep using your body if you want to keep it healthy and active. That said, I think some “use” is better than others. For me, the Old School New Body F4X way has proven to be very beneficial.

I think this is a workout method I can (and will) still use when I’m over 65.

Growth hormone

Growth hormone (somatotropin or HGH) plays an essential role in maintaining a healthy and robust body. It is also known as the anti-ageing hormone. Among other things, it stimulates growth, cell reproduction and cell regeneration, increases muscle mass, strengthens bones, improves cognitive function, stimulates the immune system and boosts metabolism.

All of them are quite an important hormone. The problem is, as we age, our growth hormone production decreases.

One of the things that increase HGH secretion is vigorous exercise. Now I have no way to measure the real increase in the amount of GH my body produces as a result of F4X training. I know that the extra exercise has made me healthier, thinner, thinner and more energetic. That’s good enough for me.

If you want to know more about growth hormone and its effects, Wikipedia has a great article about it.

What’s Included in Old School New Body?

The Old School New Body pdf

This is the principal guide for the program. It is a 101-page electronic book. It introduces you to the program and includes all the different F4X exercises and exercises. It also teaches you simple dietary rules that you should follow and how to take some supplements for faster results.

It ends with F4X advanced training. This is for if you want to take your workout to the next level. Chances are you will never use it. The three main F4X exercises are more than enough for most people to get the results they expect.

F4X Quick Start Workout Guide

Eager to get started? This brief guide shortens the F4X program down to the absolute basics you need to know to get started right away without having to read the main tutorial first!

The quick start tutorial covers three stages: LEAN, SHAPE, and BUILD. Just choose the body shape you want (shown in each section) and get started!

In addition to the two main guidelines mentioned above, you will also get some bonus e-books when you purchase the program. That is:

  • The secret of optimal fat burning
  • The ultimate muscle-building secret
  • The top sexual secret and anti-ageing
  • Ultimate Health and Happiness Secrets

Old School New Body User Reviews

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably tired of my rambling. I think you might be interested in what others are saying about this program.

Now there are many scam reviews out there. People who are reviewing the product haven’t tried it yet. However, these Old School New Body user reviews seem sincere, and they match my thoughts on ebooks, so I decided to include them here.

Are there any Old School New Body negative reviews?

Some people have the impression that this program is a physical book that will be delivered to your door.

However, Old School New Body is a digital product. After placing your order, you will receive an email with a link where you can download the e-book and all the rewards.

I can understand the confusion, though product images give the impression of a physical book. Also, I think the sales page does an inferior job of pointing out that this is an e-book, not a physical book. Only once on the entire sales page mentioned.

So remember Old School New Body is a downloadable digital product in pdf file, not a real book.

I’m a huge fan of e-books. They don’t take up any space, you can read them anywhere from your smartphone or e-reader, and they’re eco-friendly (no trees die).

However, I think the vendors should be transparent about a product being digital, and I agree that the program does not benefit in this respect.

Conclusion: Old School New Body Review

Old School New Body is a digital product formated in pdf file, developed by Steve and Becky Holman, teaching moderate/high fatigue resistance training. They call this training system the F4X method.

Old School New Body consists of different stages of building on each other (streamlining, shaping and building). Three 30-minute exercises per week are all you need to get started.

If you do it yourself, practice consistently and follow simple nutritional principles, you will get results. The 60-day money-back guarantee gives you plenty of time to experience the program and decide if it is right for you.