Lower Blood Sugar And Supplements Reviewed, Proven

Lower Blood Sugar And Supplements Reviewed, Proven

There are numerous different supplements in the market. However, not all of them are effective; scientists are testing them to determine whether or not they can help in reducing blood sugar. Probably, several supplements among them could help people who are suffering from prediabetes or diabetes — especially type 2.

Over time, incorporating a supplement and diabetes medication may make your doctor decline your medication dose. Nevertheless, you should know that supplements likely can’t take the place of medication entirely.

Here is the list of supplements that may assist you to decrease blood sugar.


The first one to be mentioned is the cinnamon supplements. They are made from whole cinnamon powder or an extract. Plenty of studies show that it has the potential to lower blood sugar and promote diabetes control.

How it works: Cinnamon is probably able to help your body’s cells better respond to insulin. It also means that this allows sugar into your cells, which results in lowering blood sugar.

Taking it: Cinnamon extract is recommended to use 250 mg twice a day before meals. For a regular (non-extract) cinnamon supplement, you can consume up to 500 mg twice a day. It is the best amount of does.

Precautions: It may make you surprise that the popular Cassia variety of cinnamon comprise more coumarin, a compound that may be harmful to your liver if you use high amounts. On the other hand, there is Ceylon cinnamon which is low in coumarin.

It is easy to find Ceylon cinnamon supplements online.

American Ginseng

Another vital supplement is American ginseng. It is grown widely in North America. According to researches, it can reduce post-meal blood sugar by about 20% in not only healthy individuals but also patients with type 2 diabetes.

How it works: American ginseng can promote your cells’ response to and increase your body’s secretion of insulin.

Taking it: Take 1 gram up to two hours before three main meals, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you take it sooner, your blood sugar may dip too low. Consume higher than 3 grams per day do not deliver additional benefits.

Precautions: It is essential to avoid a combination of Ginseng and warfarin, a blood thinner. It is because ginger can lower the effectiveness of warfarin. As it can also trigger your immune system, it will interfere with immunosuppressant drugs.

You can buy American ginseng online.


As Probiotic supplements are a rich source of beneficial bacteria or other microbes, it delivers countless health benefits. Additionally, it can enhance your body’s handling of carbohydrates.

How it works: According to some animal studies, probiotics probably can make blood sugar do down by decreasing inflammation and preventing the damage of pancreatic cells that produce insulin.

Taking it: You can try a probiotic with more than one beneficial species. A combination of L. acidophilus, B. bifidum, and L. rhamnosus is a good choice. To date, scientists have not found an ideal mix of microbes for diabetes.

Precautions: As normal, Probiotics are unlikely to cause harm. However, in certain rare circumstances, if a consumer has significantly impaired immune systems, they may cause serious infections.

Probiotic supplements are available online.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a cactus-like plant. It can assist people in reducing their blood sugar.

How it works: In Mouse models, aloe may trigger insulin manufactory in pancreatic cells, but this hasn’t been confirmed. 

Taking it: The best form and amount to use aloe vera are unknown. Common doses tested in studies comprise 1,000 mg per day in pills or two tablespoons (30 ml) daily of aloe juice in split doses.

Precautions: You must remember not to take Aloe with the heart medicine digoxin. Furthermore, asking the doctor before utilizing it as it can interact with several medications.

You can buy Aloe vera online.


Berberine a bitter-tasting compound but not a specific herb, it is taken from the roots and stems of individual plants, consisting of goldenseal and Phellodendron.

How it works: Berberine is able to improve insulin sensitivity and boost sugar uptake from your blood into your muscles. That leads to lower blood sugar.

Taking it: You can take 300–500 mg 2–3 times a day with significant meals.

Precautions: Berberine may cause digestive disturbances. Constipation, diarrhea, or gas are some of the problems. To deal with it, you need to cut down the number of does under 300 mg. As always, you should ask your doctor before taking this supplement as Berberine may interact with several medications.

You can find berberine online.

Vitamin D

It would make you amazed that Vitamin D deficiency is considered a potential risk factor for type 2 diabetes.

How it works: As Vitamin D can promote the function of pancreatic cells, it helps to produce more insulin and increase your body’s responsiveness to insulin.

Taking it: to know the best dose for you, you need to ask your doctor for a vitamin D blood test. To find D3, the active form, or cholecalciferol, so look for this name on supplement bottles.

Precautions: You need to have instructions of your doctor or pharmacist before utilizing Vitamin D as it may stimulate mild to moderate reactions with several types of medications.

You can order vitamin D supplements online.


In the Ayurvedic tradition of India, Gymnema Sylvestre, which is a herb, is used as a diabetes treatment. Gurmar is the Hindu name for the plant, and it means “sugar destroyer.”

How it works: Gymnema Sylvestre has the potential to lower sugar absorption in your gut and improve cells’ uptake of sugar from your blood. Because it influences type 1 diabetes, Gymnema sylvestre probably somehow aid insulin-producing cells in your pancreas.

Taking it: The suggested dose of Gymnema sylvestre leaf extract is 200 mg twice a day with meals.

Precautions: You can only use Gymnema sylvestre with a doctor’s guidance as it can boost the blood sugar impacts of insulin. It may also influence blood levels of some drugs. Additionally, one case of liver damage has been reported.

Gymnema sylvestre is available online.


25–38% of people with type 2 diabetes have low blood levels of magnesium. And this situation is more prevalent in those who don’t control their blood sugar well.

How it works: Magnesium contributes to normal insulin secretion and insulin action in your body’s tissues.

Taking it: For people with diabetes, they should use typically 250–350 mg daily.

Precautions: If you use magnesium oxide, you are at a higher risk of diarrhea. Magnesium supplements may interact with diuretics, antibiotics, and several medications. Therefore, you need to check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking it.

You can buy Magnesium supplements online.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Alpha-lipoic acid is also known as ALA. It is a vitamin-like compound and powerful antioxidant produced in your liver. Furthermore, it can be found in some foods like spinach, broccoli, and red meat.

How it works: ALA can promote insulin sensitivity and your cells’ uptake of sugar from your blood. However, you can notice these effects after a few months. It may also protect against oxidative destruction caused by high blood sugar.

Taking it: The recommended doses of ALA is generally 600–1,200 mg per day. Taking in divided doses before meals.

Precautions: ALA may interfere with therapies for the hyperthyroid or hypothyroid disease. If you are lack of vitamin B1 (thiamine) or encountering alcoholism, you should not use large doses of ALA.

ALA can be found online.


The shortage of Chromium can decrease your body’s ability to use carbs — converted into sugar — for energy and increases your insulin needs.

How it works: Chromium’s function is to boost the impacts of insulin or to support the activity of pancreatic cells that create insulin.

Taking it: Dose is typically 200 mcg daily. On the other side, if people with diabetes consume up to 1,000 mcg per day, they will obtain more benefits. That amount has been tested. Our bodies absorb the chromium picolinate form well.

Precautions: Certain drugs, including antacids and others prescribed for heartburn, can lower chromium absorption.

Chromium supplements are available online.

The Bottom Line

It is easy to find a whole lot of supplements that comprise cinnamon, ginseng, other herbs, vitamin D, magnesium, probiotics, and plant compounds like berberine. All of them may give help in reducing blood sugar. Keep in mind that the result may vary. The products that you obtain may be different from what studies have found. Some factors affect works such as duration, supplement quality, and individual diabetes status. However, there is an entirely natural supplement, which will not deliver any harmful side effects. That is GlucoFlow. This product can help you to deal with diabetes. As it contains ten potent ingredients above, this formula works effectively. So, you can confide in the GlucoFlow Supplement. Before using it, you need to read some reviews about it. It would help if you gave it a try because it is a great product. On the contrary, as we always remind, you should ask your doctor first before using any supplement.

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